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Approved projects and activities

This page contains information about projects and activities that have been approved.

Offshore projects

An offshore project is undertaken to recover oil and/or gas and a number of petroleum activities will be undertaken throughout a projects lifecycle such as development, well construction, facility installation, production operations and decommissioning.

Each project page contains an overview of the project and links to individual activities that are underway for the relevant project. Only development activities that have an ‘in force’ environment plan (EP) are displayed on project pages. Other activities that previously formed part of the project and are no longer underway can be found on the historical activities page.

Offshore projects in Commonwealth waters that were approved prior to NOPSEMA's establishment, and those with an accepted offshore project proposal (OPP) are also displayed on this page. For more information about the OPP assessment process see the OPP page.


Activities listed on this page have an ‘in force’ environment plan accepted by NOPSEMA. Each activity page contains an overview of the activity, an activity location map and titleholder contact details. Related environment plan assessment information can also be accessed for each activity.

Activities have been categorised as exploration (and other related activities) or development, noting only development activities are linked to an offshore project.

Find an approved project or activity

To search for an approved project or activity use the search tool below. Enter keywords for a free text search, or narrow the results by using the filters. Once results have been returned, click on the names of individual activities to view further details about that activity.

Stakeholders can subscribe to receive updates by email on individual projects, activities or on specific search criteria. For help on searching and subscriptions see the Help page.

Keyword search

Activity name Activity types Organisation Project
Montara Operations Operation of a facility
Recovery of petroleum using a subsea installation
Jadestone Energy (Eagle) Pty Ltd Montara Field Development View
Gippsland Basin Geophysical and Geotechnical Investigations Other survey
Esso Australia Resources Pty Ltd Bass Strait Development View
Exploration Drilling WA-343-P Drilling
Other survey
INPEX Browse E&P Pty Ltd No associated project View
Otway Deep Marine Seismic Survey Seismic survey
Spectrum Geo Australia Pty Ltd No associated project View
Pluto Facility Operations Operation of a facility
Significant modification of a facility
Woodside Burrup Pty Ltd Pluto LNG View
Keraudren Seismic Survey Seismic survey
Santos WA Northwest Pty Ltd No associated project View
Gippsland Offshore Operations Operation of a petroleum pipeline
Any other petroleum-related activity
Cooper Energy Limited Gippsland Offshore Development View
Tern-2 Well Any other petroleum-related activity
Bonaparte Gas & Oil Pty. Limited No associated project View
Bayu-Undan to Darwin Gas Export Pipeline Operation of a petroleum pipeline
Santos NA Darwin Pipeline Pty Ltd Bayu-Undan Field Development View
Corvus-2 Appraisal Drilling Drilling
Santos WA Northwest Pty Ltd No associated project View
Pyrenees Facility Operations Operation of a facility
BHP Petroleum (Australia) Pty Ltd Pyrenees Development View
Petrel 3, Petrel 4 and Tern 2 Suspended Wells Any other petroleum-related activity
Neptune Energy Bonaparte Pty Limited Talisman View
Project name Organisation No of activities
Mutineer-Exeter Santos Limited 2 View
Reindeer Field Development Santos Limited 2 View
Talisman Santos Limited 1 View
Prelude FLNG Facility Shell Australia Pty Ltd 1 View
Crux Offshore Project Proposal Shell Australia Pty Ltd Activities yet to commence View
Tasmanian Gas Pipeline Tasmanian Gas 1 View
Laminaria and Corallina Fields Development Timor Sea Oil and Gas (TSOGA) Pty Ltd 2 View
Cliff Head Oil Field Triangle Energy (Operations) Pty Ltd 1 View
Wandoo Vermilion Oil and Gas Australia Pty Ltd 2 View
Pluto LNG Woodside Burrup Pty Ltd 2 View
Julimar Development Woodside Energy Julimar Pty Ltd 2 View
Balnaves Woodside Energy Julimar Pty Ltd 1 View