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Activity - WA-474-P, WA-70-R Abandoned and Suspended Wells

Activity details
Organisation Western Gas (70 R) Pty Ltd
Activity types Other survey
In-force EP 7302
Submission date 16 December, 2022
Outcome Accepted
Acceptance date 26 July, 2023
Locations North West
Start date 09 March, 2016
Stop date 20 May, 2016
Lifecycle Classification Decommissioning
Please note: activity start and stop dates are based on notifications provided by the titleholder.

Titleholder contact
Richard Barker
Phone: +61 8 6323 2311

Activity Description
Western Gas is proposing to permanently leave in situ a total of four subsea wellheads associated with four abandoned exploration wells, namely Chester-2, Glencoe-2, Mentorc-2 and Snapshot-1 in Petroleum Permits WA-70-R and WA-474-P. Plugging and abandonment of these wells has already occurred and are described in the accepted Well Operations Management Plan (WOMP) and Well Abandonment Reports for each well.

In addition, the Glenloth-1 well is to temporarily remain as a suspended well. Western Gas is proposing to undertake annual vessel-based wellhead survey activities on the suspended well, which is located in Petroleum Permit WA-70-R.

All wells are located approximately 180 km northwest of Onslow and 150 km north of Exmouth, Western Australia at water depths between 1,116 and 1,131 metres.
Location map (click to enlarge)
Location map - Activity: WA-474-P, WA-70-R Abandoned and Suspended Wells  (refer to description)

Accepted EP Documents

EP Document A947533 (16.7 MB)
OPEP Document A947540 (1.01 MB)
NOPSEMA Report A959510 (208 KB)
Additional Documents A999772 (79.3 KB)
Appendices A922381 (10.5 MB)