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Project - Minerva Development

Description of project

The Minerva Development produces hydrocarbon gas and liquids from the Minerva gas field with production commencing in 2005 with production expected to continue to decline with end of field life predicted around 2020.
The Minerva field is situated within production licence VIC-L22 and pipeline in Commonwealth waters VIC-PL33 located in the Otway Basin in 60 m of water approximately 11 km southwest of Port Campbell, Victoria.
The Minerva field produce hydrocarbon gas and liquids from the Minerva reservoir via two subsea vertical wells. The hydrocarbon gas and liquids are then transported onshore to the Minerva Gas Plant via a common pipeline for processing.
Operations in the offshore area include periodic routine inspection, maintenance and repair of subsea flowlines, wellheads, manifolds, subsea trees and the pipeline.

Company: Woodside Energy (Australia) Pty Ltd
Title(s) VIC/L22

Name PM Project Manager
Position Principal Corporate Affairs
Telephone 0123456789
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Activities for this project

Organisation Activity Type Activity name Status
Woodside Energy (Victoria) Pty Ltd Drilling Minerva Plug and Abandonment and Field Maintenance Stopped