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Project - Cliff Head Oil Field

Description of project

The Cliff Head oil field is located ~11 km due east of the Western Australian coast, approximately 20 km south-southwest of Dongara.

The water depth in the vicinity of the field is approximately 18 m and the field itself is approximately 1,260 m below sea level.

Production from the Cliff Head Oil Field Development involves transferring oil and produced formation water (PFW) from the offshore wellhead to the Arrowsmith Stabilisation Plant (ASP) via the offshore and onshore pipeline.

Facilities in Commonwealth waters include an unmanned well head platform, eight well heads with the current arrangement of five production wells with electrical submersible pumps (ESPs) to enable artificial lifting of the produced fluid (i.e. crude oil and water), three water injection wells; an insulated subsea production pipeline, which transports the produced fluids from the offshore facilities to the onshore ASP.

The offshore components of the pipelines that lie within Commonwealth waters are approximately 4.9 km in length and are operated under pipeline licence WA-12-PL.

Company: Triangle Energy (Operations) Pty Ltd
Title(s) WA-31-L

Name Mr Martin Jacobs
Position Asset Manager
Telephone (08) 9219 7111
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Project map - Cliff Head Oil Field (refer to Description)


Activities for this project

Organisation Activity Type Activity name Status
Triangle Energy (Operations) Pty Ltd Operation of a petroleum pipeline Cliff Head Field Offshore Operations Started