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Under assessment

Environment plans listed on this page are being assessed in accordance with the Environment Regulations, NOPSEMA’s Assessment policy and Decision making guidelines.

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Activity type Activity name Submitted by Submission date Resubmission date Status
Operation of a facility Varanus Island Hub Operations Santos WA Northwest Pty Ltd 25-01-2022 Under assessment (with NOPSEMA) View
Operation of a petroleum pipeline Ichthys Project Gas Export Pipeline (Operation) Ichthys LNG Pty Ltd 28-12-2021 Under assessment (with NOPSEMA) View
Construction and installation of a facility Scarborough Seabed Intervention and Trunkline Installation Woodside Energy Scarborough Pty Ltd 23-12-2021 Under assessment (with NOPSEMA) View
Drilling JUR Drilling Esso Australia Resources Pty Ltd 23-12-2021 Under assessment (with titleholder) View
Decommissioning, dismantling or removing a facility Griffin Decommissioning and Field Management BHP Petroleum (Australia) Pty Ltd 22-12-2021 Under assessment (with titleholder) View
Construction and installation of a pipeline Barossa Gas Export Pipeline Installation Santos NA Barossa Pty Ltd 09-12-2021 Under assessment (with titleholder) View
Drilling Scarborough Drilling and Completions Woodside Energy Scarborough Pty Ltd 08-11-2021 Under assessment (with NOPSEMA) View
Seismic survey Possum 3D Marine Seismic Survey Searcher Seismic Pty Ltd 08-11-2021 03-05-2022 Under assessment (with NOPSEMA) View