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Activity - Griffin Field Decommissioning

Activity details
Organisation Woodside Energy (Australia) Pty Ltd
Project Griffin Development
Activity types Decommissioning, dismantling or removing a facility
In-force EP 6964
Submission date 04 April, 2022
Outcome Accepted
Acceptance date 01 March, 2024
Locations North West
Start date Pending titleholder notification
Stop date Pending titleholder notification
Lifecycle Classification Decommissioning
Please note: activity start and stop dates are based on notifications provided by the titleholder.

Titleholder contact
Andrew Winter
Phone: 08 9348 4000

Activity Description
Woodside is decommissioning the Griffin field in production licence WA-10-L, approximately 65 km north-west of Onslow, in approximately 130 m water depth.

Woodside will remove most of the equipment in the Griffin field, including all equipment that contained hydrocarbons during production. Woodside has undertaken an environmental assessment of the feasible decommissioning options and determined that leaving the following equipment will result in equal or better environmental outcomes than full removal:
• The EP provides for leaving up to eleven (11) of the twelve (12) RTM anchors and associated 30m chain bridles, with the chain cut as close as practicable to the seabed and removed.
• Five piled foundations, with the exposed part of the piles removed as close as practicable to the seabed.
• Six mid-depth buoy concrete gravity bases.

The equipment proposed to be left in situ would require extensive seabed intervention to remove due to their burial status or substantial weight. None of the equipment proposed to be left in situ was exposed to hydrocarbons during production. The equipment consists almost entirely of steel and concrete.

Impacts associated with the ongoing presence of the equipment include localised changes in sediment quality from long-term degradation of the equipment and potential displacement or interactions with future trawl fishers. Commercial trawl fishing is not permitted in WA-10-L under existing fisheries management arrangements. These impacts and risks have been demonstrated as ALARP and acceptable in the EP.
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Location map - Activity: Griffin Field Decommissioning (refer to description)

Accepted EP Documents

EP Document A1060173 (29.2 MB)

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