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Activity - Enfield Plug and Abandonment

Activity details
Organisation Woodside Energy Ltd
Project Greater Enfield Project (Australia Oil)
Activity types Drilling
Any other petroleum-related activity
In-force EP 5632
Submission date 21 June, 2021
Outcome Accepted
Acceptance date 14 October, 2021
Locations North West
Start date 17 April, 2024
Stop date Pending titleholder notification
Lifecycle Classification Decommissioning
Please note: activity start and stop dates are based on notifications provided by the titleholder.

Titleholder contact
Shannen Wilkinson
Phone: 08 9348 4000

Activity Description
Woodside proposes to undertake the following petroleum activities within Permit Area WA-28-L:
• Permanently plug and abandon 18 wells, including production, water injection and gas injection wells, and remove well infrastructure above mudline (Xmas trees, flowline support bases, wellheads, temporary guide bases, ancillary equipment).
• Inspection, monitoring, maintenance and repair (IMMR) activities to ensure integrity of well infrastructure until decommissioning activities are completed.

The proposed Petroleum Activities Program is scheduled to occur between the first quarter of 2022 and the fourth quarter of 2024.
• IMMR activities will be ongoing, as needed.
• If required, MODU pre-laid mooring and blow-out preventer (BOP) tether installation and removal is expected to take one to 12 days per well.
• Permanent plugging activities for the 18 wells is expected to take about 20 to 60 days per well.
• Removal of well infrastructure is expected to take up to 10 days per well.

When ongoing, activities will be 24 hours per day, seven days per week. Timing and duration of these activities is subject to change due to project schedule requirements, MODU/vessel availability, unforeseen circumstances and weather. This EP has risk-assessed P&A activities throughout the year (all seasons) to provide operational flexibility.

The Petroleum Activities Program is located in Commonwealth waters in the Exmouth Sub-basin. It is located approximately 38 km north of the North West Cape of Western Australia about 2 km to the east of the Enfield reservoir. The water depth across WA-28-L varies from 200 m in the east to over 2000 m to the west. Water depth is approximately 400 - 600 m. The Petroleum Activities Program does not overlap with any established or proposed marine protected areas. The closest nearshore sensitive habitats to the Petroleum Activities Program is the Commonwealth boundary of the Ningaloo Reef Australian Marine Park approximately 16 km to the south, the Gascoyne Australian Marine Park approximately 18 km to the west, and the Muiron Islands Marine Management and Conservation Area approximately 31 km to the south-east.
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Location map - Activity: Enfield Plug and Abandonment (refer to description)

Accepted EP Documents

EP Document A803388 (53.8 MB)

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