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Activity - Ichthys Project Gas Export Pipeline (Operation)

Activity details
Organisation Ichthys LNG Pty Ltd
Project Ichthys
Activity types Operation of a petroleum pipeline
In-force EP 3690
Submission date 20 September, 2016
Outcome Accepted
Acceptance date 11 January, 2017
Locations North West

Titleholder contact
Jake Prout
Phone: +61 8 6213 6000

Activity Description

Operation of the GEP involves the transportation of GEP gas through the GEP to the Ichthys LNG Plant in Darwin.
Inspections provide assurance that infrastructure is performing according to design. They also proactively identify maintenance and/or repair activities that may be required to protect the GEP integrity.
Inspection activities within the EP include:
remotely operated underwater vehicle (ROV) or autonomous underwater vehicle (AUV) inspections
marine acoustic surveys.
Maintenance and repair activities described in this EP are not intended to occur but, if required, may include:
seabed intervention (e.g. jetting, mass flow excavation, installing grout bags, rock placement or concrete mattress installation)
marine growth removal
pigging to recover the integrity of, or isolate, the GEP in the event of a repair
clamp repairs
major repairs, including use of a pipeline repair system (PRS) used to replace sections of pipe.
Activity Location
The GEP is approximately 889 km long, with approximately 793 km of it located within Commonwealth waters, between the Ichthys Field and the Northern Territory (NT) three-nautical-mile (nm) limit (Figure 1-1). Activities covered by this EP are wholly located in Commonwealth waters and the operational area is defined as a two-kilometre-wide corridor, 1 km either side of the GEP centreline, up to the GERB.
The water depths range from ~250 m below lowest astronomical tide (LAT) at the GERB, to ~30 m LAT, at the boundary of Commonwealth waters and the NT three-nautical-mile limit.
This information has been extracted from the environment plan submitted.

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Location map - Activity: Ichthys Project Gas Export Pipeline (Operation) (refer to description)

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