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Activity - Gorgon Gas Development Pipeline and Subsea Infrastructure Installation and Pre-Commissioning

Activity details
Organisation Chevron Australia Pty Ltd
Project Gorgon
Activity types Significant modification of a petroleum pipeline
Any other petroleum-related activity
In-force EP 7499
Submission date 18 July, 2023
Outcome Accepted
Acceptance date 06 May, 2024
Locations North West
Start date 08 October, 2021
Stop date 12 May, 2022
Lifecycle Classification Development
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Titleholder contact
Shane Waldeck
Phone: 08 9216 4000

Activity Description
Chevron Australia, on behalf of the Gorgon Joint Venture, operates the Gorgon Project (Gorgon) in Western Australia. Gorgon comprises offshore production wells and pipeline infrastructure that gathers natural gas from the Jansz–Io and Gorgon gas fields and transports it to a facility on Barrow Island for processing.

To maintain gas supply to the facility on Barrow Island and to sustain current gas production rates, Chevron Australia plans to install a subsea compression station and associated infrastructure in the Jansz–Io gas fields.

Chevron Australia plans to install the following:

- Subsea structures, including a compression station, compression manifold station and associated foundations
- A normally unattended, floating field control station anchored to the seabed by 12 mooring lines
- An umbilical to supply power from Barrow Island to the field control station, and power cables, known as flying leads, from the field control station to the subsea compression station
- An umbilical to transmit power and communications between the field control station and the existing Jansz CDU
- Pipeline crossings and rock stabilisation as required.

The Jansz–Io gas fields are located within production licences WA‐36‐L, WA‐39‐L and WA‐40‐L, approximately 200 kilometres off the northwest coast of Western Australia in water depths of approximately 1,350 metres. The Jansz feed gas pipeline is licensed by WA-19-PL, which extends from the State/Commonwealth waters boundary to the north west of Barrow Island, out to the Jansz–Io gas fields.

This EP documents the assessment and management of potential environmental impacts and risks associated with the installation of the subsea compression station and associated infrastructure in Commonwealth waters.

The scope of activities includes:

- Installation
- Inspection, maintenance and repairs
- Pre-commissioning
- Field support.

Installation is scheduled to occur from mid-2024 to mid-2026.
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Location map - Activity: Gorgon Gas Development Pipeline and Subsea Infrastructure Installation and Pre-Commissioning (refer to description)

Accepted EP Documents

EP Document A1074927 (25 MB)
OPEP Document A955812 (2.7 MB)
OSMP Document A1038339 (18.5 MB)