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Activity - BassGas Operations

Activity details
Organisation Beach Energy (Operations) Limited
Activity types Operation of a facility
Operation of a petroleum pipeline
In-force EP 2769
Submission date 30 May, 2014
Outcome Accepted
Acceptance date 07 October, 2014
Locations Gippsland
Start date 16 February, 2015
Stop date 01 June, 2015
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Titleholder contact
Philip Wemyss
Phone: 08 8338 2833

Activity Description

Origin Energy Resources Limited (Origin) is the operator of the BassGas Project, which produces gas and liquids from the Yolla gas field, located 147 km south of Kilcunda in Bass Strait (Figure 1-1).  The Yolla gas field lies in 80 m of water and is serviced by the Yolla A Offshore Platform. An undersea pipeline transports the gas and liquids from the platform to the Victorian mainland via a coastline crossing near Kilcunda. The pipeline terminates at the Lang Lang Gas Plan (LLGP) where gas is processed prior to distribution to the Victorian gas network. Commercial production of gas started in June 2006.
The BassGas offshore facilities incorporate:

Two producing wells, Yolla-3 and Yolla-4, producing gas and condensate from the Yolla gas field. Two further wells Yolla 5 and Yolla 6 are yet to be drilled;

Yolla A offshore production platform, located in 80 m water depth, which supports the wellheads and the topsides facilities required to cool and dehydrate the gas and condensate for export to shore;

A subsea raw gas pipeline system consisting of a 147 km, 350mm diameter offshore production pipeline from the Yolla-A Platform to the shore crossing near the Kilcunda.

The offshore facilities operate 24 hrs a day 365 days a year to supply gas to the onshore facilities and there is a range of equipment and safety devices that support these operations.  As such there is an ongoing program of maintenance, and inspection activities associated with the safe ongoing operation of the field.
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Location map - Activity: BassGas Offshore (refer to description)

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