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Project - Montara Field Development

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Jadestone Energy Inc. and Jadestone Energy Eagle entered into an agreement with PTTEP Australasia (Ashmore Cartier) Pty Ltd (PTTEP AA), under which Jadestone Energy Eagle acquired the Montara Operations from PTTEP AA in 2018. The Montara Venture Floating Production Storage Offtake (FPSO), unmanned wellhead platform and subsea infrastructure, are located in the Timor Sea, in the Ashmore Cartier territory within Commonwealth waters, approximately 690 km north-west of Darwin within 34 km of Vulcan Shoal. The facilities lie in water depths of approximately 80 m. The Montara development currently produces crude oil from the Montara, Skua, Swift and Swallow fields which is transported via flowline for processing at the well head platform and FPSO. The well head platform currently has five production wells, and there are five subsea production wells located approximately 17 to 18 km from the FPSO.

Company: PTTEP AA
Title(s) AC/L8

Name Ms Melissa Patt
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Telephone +61 8 9486 6634
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