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Project - Bass Strait Development

Description of project

The Bass Strait Development involves the development, production and processing of crude oil and gas from a range of offshore fields connected by a 600-km network of pipelines to onshore processing plants at Longford, Victoria.
There are 23 offshore platforms and installations in Bass Strait, constructed from the 1960s through to the 2010s. Production commenced in 1969. Development of the Kipper and Turrum fields in recent years has seen the newest addition of the Kipper subsea installations and Marlin B platform in 2013.
Ongoing operational, maintenance, and construction (brownfields) activities are conducted on these facilities and pipelines, as well as wellwork operations on the platforms.

Company: Esso Australia Resources Limited
Title(s) VIC/L6

Name Ms Hena Kalam
Position Offshore Risk, Environment and Regulatory Supervisor – Safety, Security, Health and Environment
Telephone 61 3 9261 0263
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Project map - Bass Strait Development (refer to Description)


Activities for this project

Organisation Activity Type Activity name Status
Esso Australia Resources Pty Ltd Operation of a facility for the recovery or processing of petroleum Bass Strait Operations Started
Esso Australia Resources Pty Ltd Drilling JUR Drilling Stopped
Esso Australia Resources Pty Ltd Decommissioning, dismantling or removing a facility Gudgeon-1 and Terakihi-1 Plug and Abandonment Pending titleholder notification