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Project - Van Gogh Coniston Novara Field Developments

Description of project

The Van Gogh and Coniston/Novara oil fields are serviced by the Floating Production Storage and Offloading (FPSO) facility, Ningaloo Vision, approximately 40km offshore north of the North West Cape. The facility separates, stabilises and dehydrates oil and gas drawn from the subsea fields. Oil is stored on board, and periodically offloaded to tankers, while gases are reinjected. Production from the Van Gogh oil field commenced in 2010 and was augmented in 2015 by the tie-back of the Coniston/Novara developments

Company: Santos Limited
Title(s) WA-35-L

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Project map - Van Gogh Coniston Novara Field Developments (refer to Description)


Activities for this project

Organisation Activity Type Activity name Status
Santos WA PVG Pty Ltd Operation of a facility for the recovery or processing of petroleum Ningaloo Vision Operations - WA-35-L (Van Gogh/Coniston/Novara fields) Started
Santos WA PVG Pty Ltd Construction and installation of a facility Van Gogh Infill Development Phase II (VGID2) Installation Stopped