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Lustrum Multi-client Marine Seismic Surveys

Activity type Seismic survey
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Submitted by CGG Services (Australia) Pty Ltd
Submission date 17 November, 2015
Subtype New
Decision date 10 March, 2017
RMS ID 3390
Status Finalised
Outcome Refused to accept
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Mr Mark Stanley
CGG Services (Australia) Pty Ltd
Level 1, 1 Ord Street
Telephone: +61 8 9214 6203

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Location map - Activity: Lustrum Multi-client Marine Seismic Surveys (refer to description)

CGG proposes to acquire multi-client three-dimensional (MC3D) and multi-client two-dimensional (MC2D) marine seismic surveys (MSS) within the Lustrum Multi-client (MC) Marine Seismic Survey (MSS) polygon, in the North-west Marine Region offshore from Western Australia. The Lustrum MC MSS polygon is based on a basin-wide approach and is comprised of greater than 800,000 square kilometres (km2). Water depths within the Lustrum MC MSS polygon range from ~30 m to ~5,000 m, with the deepest water depths situated in the offshore regions of the polygon. The Lustrum MC MSS polygon extends from Point Cloates northwards to the offshore waters west of Troughton Island in the Kimberley.
CGG proposes to conduct individual surveys within the Lustrum MC MSS using a purpose-built seismic survey vessel. A support vessel will accompany the survey vessel. The survey vessel may be refuelled at sea either within or immediately adjacent to the survey area. At sea refuelling will only take place during daylight hours and will not take place within a distance of 25 km from any emergent land or shallow water features.
Operational Details
The Lustrum MC MSS is a typical 3D and 2D survey similar to most others conducted in Australian marine waters (in terms of technical methods and procedures). No unique or unusual equipment or operations are proposed.
During the proposed activities, the survey vessel will traverse a series of pre-determined sail lines within the survey area at a speed of ~8-9 km/hr. The operating pressure for the airgun array will be ~ 2,000 psi with a maximum volume of ~4,630 in3 and will produce at source sound pulses in the order of 261 dB re 1 µPa-m, at frequencies up to~200 Hz.
CGG plans to commence individual surveys within the Lustrum MC MSS polygon no earlier than Q1 2016. Although individual surveys within the Lustrum MC MSS polygon may be conducted over a period of five (5) years.  
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Other Details
Locations North West
Commonwealth waters adjacent to Western Australia
Titles (or other instruments) SPA Application 2F773D
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