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Minerva Decommissioning and Field Management

Activity type Decommissioning, dismantling or removing a facility
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Submitted by Woodside Energy (Victoria) Pty Ltd
Submission date 25 March, 2024
Subtype New
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RMS ID 7780
Status Under assessment (with NOPSEMA)
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Pip Milne
Phone: 1800 442 977
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Woodside is planning to undertake subsea decommissioning activities for the Minerva Field (previously operated by BHP Petroleum (Victoria) Pty Ltd (BHP)), located in Commonwealth waters in Petroleum Licence VIC-L22 and Pipeline Licence VIC-PL33. The Minerva wells are approximately 11 km south-southwest of Port Campbell, Victoria and in water depths of approximately ~50 – 60 m. Woodside plans to remove all subsea infrastructure and equipment from the seabed associated with the Minerva development in Commonwealth waters.

Activities covered by the Minerva Decommissioning and Field Management Environment Plan include:

• Ongoing field management activities (inspection and monitoring) for the Minerva subsea and well infrastructure until final decommissioning.
• Removal of the Minerva gas pipeline bundle (Figure 2) in Commonwealth waters. The pipeline comprises of approximately 4.9 km of 10-inch concrete coated rigid-steel flowline, bunded with an electro-hydraulic umbilical and two 2-inch steel chemical injection lines and stabilisation materials.
• Removal of Minerva subsea infrastructure within VIC-L22 in Commonwealth Waters comprising of five inline pipeline structures, five tie-in spools, and associated equipment and stabilisation material.

Equipment removal activities are planned to commence as early as Q3 2024 and require approximately three to five months, subject to vessel availability and weather constraints.

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Locations Otway
Commonwealth waters adjacent to VIC
Titles (or other instruments) VIC/L22
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