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Julimar Development Phase 3 Drilling and Subsea Installation

Activity type Drilling
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Submitted by Woodside Energy Julimar Pty Ltd
Submission date 07 December, 2023
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RMS ID 7642
Status Under assessment (with titleholder)
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Andrew Winter
Phone: 0893484000
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Location map - Activity: Julimar Development Phase 3 Drilling and Subsea Installation (refer to description)

The Julimar Field Production System is in Commonwealth waters about 169 km north-west of Dampier. The Julimar Field Production System includes wells in WA-49-L and flowlines/ pipelines in WA-26-PL and WA-29-PL.

Woodside proposes to develop the Julimar Development Project Phase 3 (JDP3) wells and subsea infrastructure, which will connect to the existing Julimar Field Production System. This will involve the drilling of up to four wells in the Julimar field and one well in the Penfolds prospect, located in WA-49-L. It also includes subsea installation, pre-commissioning and cold commissioning activities up to the point of introduction of hydrocarbons.

Two wells are proposed to connect to a new two slot production manifold (JULB) which will tie into the existing in-line tee (ILT) assembly within the JDP2 18” flowline, via ~2.5 km of flexible flowline. The well accessing the Penfolds prospect will be connected to the JULB manifold by ~4.4 km flexible flowline. The second well connected to the JULB manifold will be offset from the manifold by ~100 m and will be connected to the JULB manifold by a flexible jumper. Two new subsea umbilicals and associated flying leads will be installed to provide the required controls to the new wells.

Three wells are planned to tie back to empty slots located at the existing JULA production manifold. Two of the wells will be offset from the JULA manifold by ~300 m. An additional well accessing the J85 reservoir is planned to tie-back to the JULA manifold via ~2 km of flexible flowline.

The JDP3 production system will have a design life of 25 years. It will produce hydrocarbons from the Julimar and Penfolds reservoirs via the existing Phase 1 and 2 infrastructure and the third-party operated Wheatstone Platform and onshore LNG plant.

Wells will be drilled by either a moored semi-submersible MODU or a hybrid MODU with both moorings and dynamically positioned (DP) systems. The hybrid MODU may operate in on DP some or all of the time, as required. Drilling is anticipated to take 60 days per well and could occur any time of year.

The flowlines, umbilicals, manifold and remaining subsea infrastructure will be installed and tested from a Primary Installation Vessel (PIV)which may also support cold commissioning prior to start-up. Cold commissioning could also be performed using a subsea Inspection, Maintenance and Repair (IMR) vessel. Xmas trees may be installed by the MODU, or with an IMR vessel. Subsea installation is expected to take around 60 days and could occur any time of year.

The development may occur as a single campaign or over multiple campaigns.

If required, Woodside may intervene or workover any of the JDP3 development wells drilled under this EP, and the JULA or Brunello Manifold production wells. Other contingent activities that Woodside may need to perform during drilling include well abandonment, re-spud, side-track, well suspension, leaving wellhead assembly in-situ, sediment mobilisation and relocation, venting, well test/unload and emergency disconnect.

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Locations North West
Commonwealth waters adjacent to Western Australia
Titles (or other instruments) WA-49-L
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