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Gorgon and Jansz Feed Gas Pipeline and Wells Operations

Activity type Operation of a petroleum pipeline
Activity subtypes
Lifecycle Classification Operation & Production
Submitted by Chevron Australia Pty Ltd
Submission date 09 February, 2015
Subtype New
Decision date 19 May, 2015
RMS ID 3079
Status Finalised
Outcome Accepted
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Mr Graeme Harman
GPO Box S1580
Telephone: +61 9216 4000

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Location map - Activity: Gorgon and Jansz Feed Gas Pipeline and Wells Operations Environment Plan (refer to description)

The Jansz Feed Gas Pipeline and Wells Operations (Commonwealth Waters) – Environment Plan Summary (this Summary) summarises the Jansz Feed Gas Pipeline and Wells Operations Environment Plan (the Plan) accepted by the National Offshore Petroleum Safety Environment Management Authority (NOPSEMA) on 19th May 2015. This Summary has been prepared in accordance with Regulation 11(3) and 11(4) of the Offshore Petroleum Greenhouse Gas and Storage (Environment) Regulations 2009 (OPGGS(E)R).
The scope of the Plan and this Summary includes activities in Commonwealth Waters associated with the commissioning, start-up and operation of the Jansz Feed Gas Pipeline and Wells (the petroleum activity). Activities occurring outside the Operational Area or in the State jurisdiction are not included in the Plan.
The Jansz–Io gas fields are located within production licenses WA-36-L, WA-39-L and WA-40-L approximately 200 km off the north-west coast of Western Australia in water depths of approximately 1,350 m (Figure 1-1). The wells associated with the Plan are located in WA-36-L and WA-39-L. The pipeline is located in Commonwealth Waters within pipeline licence WA-19-PL.
Commissioning and start-up activities are planned to commence in Quarter 2 2015. Following start-up, operations are expected to continue for the nominal operational design life of 50 years. Inspection, maintenance and repair activities may occur at any time during commissioning, start-up and operation. The timing of activities is indicative, and subject to potential delays caused by weather events, vessel availability and other unforeseen factors.
The scope of the Plan covers petroleum activities associated with the commissioning, start-up, and operation of the Jansz Pipeline and Wells in Commonwealth Waters. The petroleum activities addressed in the Plan include:
commissioning and start-up
inspections, maintenance and repair (IMR) activities, and
associated vessel activities.
 These activities are supported by vessels and remotely operated vehicles (ROVs) where required.
Note: This information has been extracted from the EP Summary. Please refer to the attached EP Summary for more information.

Other Details
Locations Pilbara
Commonwealth waters adjacent to Western Australia
Titles (or other instruments) WA-36-L
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