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Thylacine Subsea Installation and Commissioning

Activity type Significant modification of a facility
Activity subtypes
Lifecycle Classification Development
Submitted by Beach Energy (Operations) Limited
Submission date 07 November, 2023
Subtype Revision
Decision date
RMS ID 7614
Status Under assessment (with NOPSEMA)
Link to previously accepted EP 7159 - Thylacine Subsea Installation and Commissioning
Philip Wemyss
Phone: 0883382833
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Location map - Activity: Thylacine Subsea Installation and Commissioning (refer to description)

Phase 5 of the Otway Offshore Project included the tying in of four new wells in the Thylacine field to the Thylacine A Platform and the commissioning of these wells. This commenced in February 2023 under the Thylacine Subsea Installation and Commissioning EP (CDN/ID: S4121AF728393 Revision 4) accepted by NOPSEMA in January 2023. Two of the wells were successfully commissioned but two remaining well connections were delayed due to a failure of a flowline during pressure testing.

Due to the delay, this EP has been revised under Regulation 17(5) of the Offshore Petroleum and Greenhouse Gas Storage (Environment) Regulations 2009 to address the completion of this work as Phase 5b.
Beach Energy (Operations) Limited (‘Beach’) proposes to undertake subsea installation and commissioning activities to replace the failed flowline, allowing the remaining two wells to be brought online, and recover as much of possible of the failed flowline in accordance with section 572 (3) of the OPGGS Act. The activity will be undertaken using a construction support vessel.

The activity area is located within the Otway Basin in Commonwealth waters, approximately 65 km southwest of the Victorian coastline at its closest point (Cape Otway) and 70 km south of Port Campbell. The Apollo Australian Marine Park (AMP) is located 50 km east of the activity area. Water depth at the proposed installation location is approximately 100 m.

The installation and commissioning activity is planned to occur between Q3 2024 and Q4 2025 and will take approximately 14 days to complete, depending on sea state conditions and technical matters.

Other Details
Locations Otway
Commonwealth waters adjacent to VIC
Titles (or other instruments) T/L2
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