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West Seahorse-3/Wardie-1 Non Production Operations

Activity type Any other petroleum-related activity
Activity subtypes
Lifecycle Classification Decommissioning
Submitted by Carnarvon Hibiscus Pty Ltd
Submission date 30 August, 2022
Subtype Revision
Decision date
RMS ID 7165
Status Cancelled
Link to previously accepted EP 5045 - West Seahorse-3/Wardie-1 Non Production Operations
Mark Paton
Phone: +603 2028 1025
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Location map - Activity: West Seahorse-3/Wardie-1 Non Production Operations (refer to description)

The activity is the non-production operations phase of the West Seahorse-3 temporarily abandoned (suspended) wellhead on the seabed in retention lease VIC/RL17 in the Eastern Bass Strait approximately 13 km off the Gippsland coast in a water depth of 39.5 m. The Wardie-1 well also lies within this permit, (approximately 2.8m distance from West Seahorse-3) and is abandoned with a short section of surface conductor remaining approximately 2m above the seabed.

Both wells were originally drilled in 2008 by 3D Oil Limited (3D Oil) and temporarily abandoned / abandoned in accordance with international standards. There have been no further works on West Seahorse-3 or Wardie-1 since this time.

Other Details
Locations Gippsland
Commonwealth waters adjacent to VIC
Titles (or other instruments) VIC/RL17
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EP Document

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