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Yolla Infill Drilling

Activity type Drilling
Activity subtypes
Lifecycle Classification Operation & Production
Submitted by Beach Energy (Operations) Limited
Submission date 03 June, 2022
Subtype New
Decision date
RMS ID 7041
Status Cancelled
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Philip Wemyss
Phone: 08 8115 5232
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Location map - Activity: Yolla Infill Drilling  (refer to description)

Beach Energy (Operations) Limited (Beach) proposes to drill a single new infill well at a depth of approximately 80 m in Commonwealth waters 147 km south of Kilcunda (Victoria) in Bass Strait. This activity is expected to take approximately 130 days in total starting in Q4 of 2022 and finishing in Q4 2023 (subject to operational delays).

Although the well is planned to be drilled from an existing rig slot on the Yolla-A platform, the well is an extended reach well that is planned to primarily intersect the Yolla West Target. In the event the Yolla West target is not commercially viable, the well would be plugged back to a predetermined depth and then sidetracked to drill to the Yolla North target.
The activities included in the EP are:
• MODU positioning
• drilling activities
• completion activities
• plug and abandonment
• topsides (platform) piping fabrication
• operations support activities (vessels and helicopters).

Other Details
Locations Tasmania
Commonwealth waters adjacent to Tasmania
Titles (or other instruments) T/L1
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