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Julimar Seabed Remediation

Activity type Any other petroleum-related activity
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Submitted by Woodside Energy Julimar Pty Ltd
Submission date 02 December, 2014
Subtype New
Decision date 23 December, 2014
RMS ID 3001
Status Finalised
Outcome Accepted
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Mr Oscar Steinsvaag
Project Manager Julimar Development
Woodside Energy Julimar Pty Ltd
240 St Georges Terrace
Phone: 08 6348 3756

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Location map - Activity: Julimar Seabed Remediation  (refer to description)

Apache proposes to undertake a seabed cuttings remediation activity at the Brunello drill centre in petroleum permit WA-49-L. The Brunello drill centre is located approximately 35 km northwest of the Montebello Islands and 77 km northwest from Varanus Island in approximately 148 m of water depth.
The drill cuttings discharged during the Brunello drilling campaign have dispersed and consolidated around the drill centre location resulting in a potentially uneven surface. Prior to installation of the production crossover manifolds at the drill centre, remediation of the seabed is required. The drill cuttings will be removed from around the subsea infrastructure and relocated subsea to an area away from the Brunello drill centre.
The activity will be carried out 24 hours per day, seven days per week for a period of approximately 30 days. The latest date for completion of this remediation activity is December 2015.
Note: This information has been extracted from the EP Summary. Please refer to the attached EP Summary for more information.

Other Details
Locations Pilbara
Commonwealth waters adjacent to Western Australia
Titles (or other instruments) WA-49-L
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