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Yoorn-1, Jelen-1 and Parnassus-1 Exploration Drilling and Geophysical Survey

Activity type Drilling
Activity subtypes Other survey
Submitted by Santos WA Northwest Pty Ltd
Submission date 05 November, 2021
Subtype New
Decision date
RMS ID 6803
Status Open For Comment
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Dawn MacInnes
Phone: 08 6218 7100
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Location map - Activity: Yoorn-1, Jelen-1 and Parnassus-1 Exploration Drilling and Geophysical Survey (refer to description)

Santos WA Northwest Pty Ltd (Santos) proposes to drill three exploration wells in petroleum exploration permits WA-499-P, WA-546-P and WA-208-P, known as Yoorn-1, Jelen-1 and Parnassus-1 respectively.

The permits are in Commonwealth waters located approximately 103 kilometres, 87 km and 87 km respectively offshore from Dampier in Western Australia (WA).

As part of the preparatory work required to safely undertake the drilling, a geophysical site survey is required at WA-546-P and WA-208-P (Jelen-1 and Parnassus-1) to assess the shallow seabed soils suitability to provide a safe foundation for a jack-up Mobile Offshore Drilling Unit (MODU).

This Environment Plan (EP) covers the geophysical surveys at WA-546-P and WA-208-P, drilling activities at Yoorn-1, Jelen-1 and Parnassus-1 and all MODU, vessel, ROV and helicopter operations within the operational area (the activity).

The geophysical survey in WA-546-P and WA-208-P is planned for a window between Q2 and Q4 in 2022. Allowing for potential down time, for example due to weather, the activity may extend to up to 20 days.

Drilling activity durations for each well are estimated in the table below. Durations are dependent on operational down time, contingency operations (e.g. sidetrack or re-spud if required) and delays due to unfavourable weather.

Well Estimated Estimated
Duration Spud
Yoorn-1 90 days Q2–Q3 2022
Parnassus-1 50 days Q4 2023
Jelen-1 50 days Q4 2023

Other Details
Locations North West
Commonwealth waters adjacent to Western Australia
Titles (or other instruments) WA-208-P
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