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Montara‐1,2,3 and Skua‐1 Wellhead Abandonment

Activity type Decommissioning, dismantling or removing a facility
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Submitted by Jadestone Energy (Eagle) Pty Ltd
Submission date 22 October, 2021
Subtype New
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RMS ID 6794
Status Under assessment (with titleholder)
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Guy Hattersley
Phone: 94866600
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Location map - Activity: Montara‐1,2,3 and Skua‐1 Wellhead Abandonment (refer to description)

Jadestone Energy (Eagle) Pty Ltd (Jadestone Energy) plans to permanently abandon four wellheads in situ. Montara‐1,2, 3 and Skua‐1, in the Montara field. The Montara Field was discovered in 1988 with the drilling of the exploration well Montara‐1, and later appraised with the drilling of appraisal wells Montara‐2 and Montara‐3, in 1991 and 2002, respectively.

In 2021, both the primary and secondary barrier envelopes were verified, and the Montara-1,2 and 3 wells confirmed to be plugged and abandoned as per the National Offshore Petroleum Safety and Environmental Management Authority (NOPSEMA) accepted Well Operations Management Plan (WOMP).

Skua‐1 was accepted as plugged and abandoned under the Petroleum Submerged Lands Act (PLSA) by the Department of Mines (this department ceased in 1992) in 1974. No WOMP is required for this well.

The defined petroleum activity for this EP is to leave the wellheads in situ in perpetuity. No further operations or works are required.

Skua-1 is within Production Licence AC/L8 and Montara-1, 2 and 3 are within production Licence AC/L7 within the Montara field which lies approximately 690 km (373 nautical miles) east of Darwin in a water depth of approximately 80 m in Commonwealth waters of the Timor Sea.

The petroleum activity is the permanent abandonment of the Montara‐1, ‐2, ‐3 and Skua‐1 wellheads in situ. The petroleum activity involves no further property inspections or maintenance, offshore operations, or environmental monitoring.

Other Details
Locations North West
Commonwealth waters adjacent to Western Australia
Titles (or other instruments) AC/L7
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