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Scarborough 4D B1 Marine Seismic Survey

Activity type Seismic survey
Activity subtypes
Lifecycle Classification Exploration
Submitted by Woodside Energy Scarborough Pty Ltd
Submission date 11 October, 2021
Subtype New
Decision date 01 December, 2023
RMS ID 6780
Status Finalised
Outcome Accepted
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Project Manager
Phone: 0893484000
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Location map - Activity: Scarborough 4D B1 Marine Seismic Survey (refer to description)

Woodside proposes to conduct a four-dimensional (4D) baseline (B1) marine seismic survey (MSS) over the Scarborough, North Scarborough and Jupiter gas fields within Commonwealth waters, located in the Carnarvon Basin. The proposed activity will occur within Woodside's Permit Areas WA-61-L, WA-62-L, WA-61-R, WA-63-R, as well as surrounding permit areas WA-530-P, WA-66-R, WA-67-R, WA-68-R, WA-83-R, WA-89-R, WA-268-P, WA-365-P, WA-365-P LL, WA-365-P LK, WA-383-P, WA-474-P, WA-474-P LS, WA-518-P, gazettal block W19-35 and WA-61-R in the Jupiter field. The survey is part of an appraisal program for reservoir management and will provide an uplift in seismic imaging for the Scarborough field from the 2004 vintage seismic data (HEX-003).

The survey will commence after the approval date of the EP and will be completed by 31 December 2023. The extend of the Active Source Area is approximately 5650 km2. The extent of the operational area is approximately 9200 km2. Water depths within the Active Source Area and Operational Area range from ~800m to 1150m. The Operational Area is approximately 201 km WNW of the Montebello Islands and Barrow Island, 188km north-west of North-west Cape and 245km north-west of Onslow and 167km NW of the Ningaloo Coast World Heritage Property.

Other Details
Locations North West
Commonwealth waters adjacent to Western Australia
Titles (or other instruments) WA-61-L
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