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Wheatstone Project - Subsea Equipment Installation

Activity type Any other petroleum-related activity
Activity subtypes
Submitted by Chevron Australia Pty Ltd
Submission date 27 November, 2014
Subtype New
Decision date 25 February, 2015
RMS ID 2994
Status Finalised
Outcome Accepted
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Matthew Moroz
Wheatstone Upstream Health Environment and Safety (HES) Manager
Chevron Australia Pty ltd
197 St Georges Terrace
Telephone: +61 81 9485 5665

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Location map - Activity: Wheatstone Project - Subsea Equipment Installation (refer to description)

The activities addressed in the EP include the installation of subsea structures and tie in of subsea equipment to new and existing infrastructure required for the Project in Commonwealth waters. The introduction of well fluids to subsea systems and infrastructure are detailed in separate Environment Plans. The activities associated with Subsea Equipment Installation are broadly categorised as follows:
Subsea Equipment Pre-Installation Activities
Subsea Equipment Installation
Post Subsea Installation Activities
Supporting Activities
Subsea Equipment Installation activities will be performed around the location of the Wheatstone Platform (WP) and a 500m radius around KP 148 on the Wheatstone Trunkline, as represented in Figure 1-1. The WP is located at Easting 330 860.000 m and Northing 7 795 520.000 m (UTM Zone 50). These coordinates are based on the Geodetic Datum of Australia (GDA94). The EP considers activities in Commonwealth waters only. The activities described in the EP are planned to commence in Quarter 2 2015 and are likely to be completed over a 10 month period. The timing of activities is indicative, and subject to potential delays caused by weather events, vessel availability and other unforeseen factors.
Note: This information has been extracted from the EP Summary. Please refer to the attached EP Summary for more information.

Other Details
Locations Pilbara
Commonwealth waters adjacent to Western Australia
Titles (or other instruments) WA-46-L
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EP Document

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