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Non-production Well Operations (White Ibis-1, Trefoil-1 and Yolla-1)

Activity type Any other petroleum-related activity
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Submitted by Beach Energy (Operations) Limited
Submission date 27 February, 2021
Subtype New
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RMS ID 5537
Status Under assessment (with titleholder)
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Phil Wemyss
Phone: 0883382833
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Location map - Activity: Non-production Well Operations (White Ibis-1, Trefoil-1 and Yolla-1)  (refer to description)

Beach Energy (Operations) Ltd (‘Beach’) is the operator of retention leases T/RL2 and T/RL4 and production licence T/L1 in the Commonwealth waters of central Bass Strait. Beach is proposing the ongoing suspension and temporary abandonment (TA) of the non-production well operations for White Ibis-1, Trefoil-1 and Yolla-1.

The non-production well operations (White Ibis-1, Trefoil-1 and Yolla-1) Environment Plan covers the continued suspension of the wells and routine and regular subsea visual inspections for well integrity (referred as the ‘Activity’). This activity will occur in water depths ranging from 60 m to 80 m. At its nearest points, the activity area is located 89 km north of Stanley in Tasmania and of 97 km east of King Island.

The subsea visual inspection of the wellheads will be undertaken by an inspection support vessel (ISV) over a duration of 1 - 3 days (duration depending on weather and sea state conditions) at least every 3 years. Qualified contractors will undertake the subsea visual inspections of the wellheads using a remotely operated vehicle (ROV) operated from the ISV. The duration of the visual inspection will take between 1 -2 hours per wellhead on top of the time required for vessel mobilisation, setup, transit and demobilisation.

The ISV is expected to be similar to supply vessels used regularly in the oil and gas industry. The ISV is not likely to anchor on location during inspections; rather it will use dynamic positioning (DP) or similar station keeping systems to maintain position while undertaking the activities. All vessel-based activities will be undertaken on a 24-hour basis.

Other Details
Locations Tasmania
Commonwealth waters adjacent to Tasmania
Titles (or other instruments) T/RL2
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