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Stromlo-1 Exploration Drilling Program

Activity type Drilling
Activity subtypes
Lifecycle Classification Exploration
Submitted by Equinor Australia B.V.
Submission date 23 April, 2019
Subtype New
Decision date 18 December, 2019
RMS ID 4832
Status Finalised
Outcome Accepted with conditions and/or limitations
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Mr Audun Sande
Safety and Sustainability Leader
Equinor Australia B.V.
Level 15, 123 St Georges Terrace
Telephone +61 413 901 235

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Location map - Activity: Stromlo-1 Exploration Drilling Program (refer to description)

Equinor is the sole titleholder of exploration permit 39 (EPP39). As part of the permit commitment, Equinor plans to drill the Stromlo-1 exploration well.
The well is located in the Ceduna sub-basin, off southern Australia. The well is located approximately 400 km southwest of Ceduna and 476 km west of Port Lincoln and in a water depth of approximately 2240 m.
The petroleum activity will occur between 1 November 2020 to 30 April 2021, or 1 November 2021 to 30 April 2022.
The duration of the drilling of the Stromlo-1 well is expected to be approximately 60 days. Commencement of the drilling is planned for late 2020.
The drilling will be carried out by a Mobile Offshore Drilling Unit (MODU) supported by three offshore vessels and helicopters. The support vessels will resupply the MODU from the supply base at Port Adelaide while the helicopters will operate from Ceduna.
The Stromlo-1 well will not be cored or production tested for hydrocarbons in the event of a discovery. Once the well has been drilled, it will be permanently plugged and abandoned. The results will be evaluated prior to determining whether to proceed with appraisal or further exploration.

See the Stromlo-1 exploration drilling program page ( for more information.

Other Details
Locations South Australia
Commonwealth waters adjacent to South Australia
Titles (or other instruments) EPP39
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