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WA-8-L Production Equipment Abandonment

Activity type Any other petroleum-related activity
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Submitted by Santos Limited
Submission date 14 December, 2018
Subtype New
Decision date 23 January, 2019
RMS ID 4707
Status Finalised
Outcome Accepted
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Mr Nick Fox
Head of Environment and Access
Santos Limited
60 Flinders Street
+61 8 8116 5151

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Location map - Activity: WA-8-L Production Equipment Abandonment (refer to description)

Santos Limited (Santos) is the Operator of Production Licence WA-8-L. This Environment Plan (EP) relates to abandonment of production equipment that is currently in situ on the seabed in WA-8-L, where it has been since the decommissioning of the Talisman production facility in 1992.
 Following the termination of production operations in July 1992, the two Talisman production wells (T-1 and T-7) were plugged and abandoned, and the wellheads were recovered. During the decommissioning all locatable items were recovered from the Talisman field, with the exception of the T-7 flowline and control umbilical line, an anchor and length of chain, and a tyre weight. These remaining items of production equipment have remained on the seabed to date.
 The petroleum activity to be undertaken for WA-8-L involves no operations and comprises of leaving the production equipment in situ in perpetuity. This activity will involve no operations within WA‑8‑L.
 Production Licence WA-8-L is located 127 km north of Dampier, WA in the northern Carnarvon Basin, and covers two graticular blocks, containing the Talisman and Amulet fields. The production licence area covers 161 km2 across a water depth range of 79-89 metres (m). WA-8-L is surrounded by adjacent exploration permit areas WA-191-P, WA-352-P and WA-1-P. The locations of the wells and production licence area are provided in the attached map. Geographical coordinates for the assumed position of the production equipment, based on the known locations for the T-7 wellhead and Talisman CALM Buoy / FPSO, are provided below. 
T-7 Wellhead – 19° 29’ 47.066” S; 116° 55’ 53.516” E
Flowline and umbilical (start point) – 19° 29’ 47.066” S; 116° 55’ 53.516” E
Flowline and umbilical (end point) – 19° 29’ 52.85” S; 116° 55’ 25.940” E
 The production equipment is located in water depths of 79 to 84 m.

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Locations North West, Pilbara
Commonwealth waters adjacent to Western Australia
Titles (or other instruments) WA-8-L
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