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Otway Basin Exploration Drilling

Activity type Drilling
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Lifecycle Classification Exploration
Submitted by Cooper Energy (CH) Pty. Ltd.
Submission date 10 December, 2018
Subtype New
Decision date 26 February, 2019
RMS ID 4702
Status Finalised
Outcome Accepted
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Mr Duncan Clegg
General Manager Developments
Cooper Energy (CH) Pty. Ltd.
Level 8/70 Franklin Street
+61 8 8100 4900

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Location map - Activity: Otway Basin Exploration Drilling (refer to description)

Cooper Energy propose to undertake exploration drilling activities in two separate titles located within Australian Commonwealth waters. The Cooper Energy: Otway Basin Exploration Drilling EP (this EP) provides for drilling activities for up to two (2) exploration wells (Annie-1 and Elanora-1) in the Otway Basin off Victoria’s south-west coast, in an area where hydrocarbon exploration and production is well established. The proposed well sites are located within waters ranging in depth from approximately 62m to 75m.
The proposed drilling activities are to be completed by a semi-submersible mobile offshore drilling unit (MODU). The MODU will be anchored to the seabed and will be supported by two (2) to three (3) offshore vessels for the duration of the activities. The operational area covered by this EP is defined as a 2km radius from each well inclusive of MODU moorings and the MODU 500 m exclusion zone. 
Drilling activities are planned to commence in Q2 or Q3 of 2019, although depending on MODU availability, may commence later in the year.  Preparations for the MODU arrival to the first well location may include drill site survey activities undertaken from a vessel 8 -12 weeks prior to drilling. Drilling activities are expected to take approximately 30-50 days at each well location. Drilling and support activities will typically be conducted on a 24-hour basis.

Other Details
Locations Otway
Commonwealth waters adjacent to VIC
Titles (or other instruments) VIC/L24
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