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WA-404-P Exploration Wellheads

Activity type Any other petroleum-related activity
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Lifecycle Classification Exploration
Submitted by Woodside Energy Ltd
Submission date 31 May, 2018
Subtype New
Decision date 03 July, 2018
RMS ID 4523
Status Finalised
Outcome Accepted
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Ms Erin Chen-Wilson
Corporate Affairs Adviser
11 Mount Street
+61 8 9438 4000

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Location map - Activity: WA-404-P Exploration Wellheads (refer to description)

Woodside is preparing an Environment Plan for the Martin-1, Remy-1, Kelt-1 and Noblige-2 wellheads, located in Commonwealth waters within permit area WA-404-P, approximately 260 km north-west of Dampier in Western Australia. The wellheads are located in water depths between 1,250-1,450 m. The four wells are completely plugged and abandoned with wellheads remaining in place.
Martin-1 exploration well was drilled in December 2010. After drilling, Martin-1 was permanently plugged with a series of cement plugs. The wellhead remains in place. Drilling of the Remy-1 exploration well commenced in October 2010. When the well casing became stuck, and was unable to be removed, the well was capped. The wellhead also remains in place.
The Kelt-1 exploration well and the Noblige-2 appraisal well were drilled in July 2011 and August 2011 respectively. Both wellheads were attempted to be removed after drilling by cutting the casing below the seabed from within the drill pipe. Due to unsuccessful casing cutting attempts, the wellheads were unable to be removed.
As a result of an options assessment which was conducted for the decommissioning of these wellheads, which included consideration of the stakeholder feedback received on the decommissioning options, Woodside has left and proposes to continue to leave the Martin-1, Remy-1, Kelt-1 and Noblige-2 wellheads in-situ permanently.
No field activities are required in association with this Environment Plan.

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Locations North West
Commonwealth waters adjacent to Western Australia
Titles (or other instruments) WA-404-P
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