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Sole Pipeline and Subsea Infrastructure Installation

Activity type Construction and installation of a pipeline
Activity subtypes Construction and installation of a facility
Submitted by Cooper Energy (Sole) Pty. Ltd.
Submission date 25 May, 2018
Subtype New
Decision date 26 July, 2018
RMS ID 4519
Status Finalised
Outcome Accepted
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Michael Jacobsen
Cooper Energy Limited
Level 8, 70 Franklin Street,Adelaide, SA 5000
Phone: (08) 8100 4900

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Location map - Activity: Sole Pipeline and Subsea Infrastructure Installation (refer to description)

Cooper Energy (Sole) Pty Ltd (Cooper) is the Titleholder for Production Licence VIC/L32 (Sole) which is approximately 65 km from Orbost Gas Plant off Victoria’s coast in Bass Strait. Cooper Energy is currently drilling of two wells – Sole-3 and Sole-4 as part of on-going field development operations within the Sole field.Activities included in the scope of the Environment Plan (EP) include the installation of a production pipeline, umbilical and associated subsea infrastructure that will connect the Sole wells with the Orbost Gas Plant on shoreThe Sole production pipeline is 300 mm (12 inch) in diameter carbon steel grade DNV 450. At the end of the pipeline a PLEM will be welded to the pipeline system to provide temporary pigging facilities for the production pipeline, as well as acting as a means to join the Sole 3 and Sole 4 wells to the system via tie-in spool(s). The production pipeline will be approximately 64 km in total. Other subsea infrastructure includes a subsea control module which will be supported by a mudmat foundation, and tie-in spools and flying leads.Upon completion of installation activities for the production pipeline, they will be flooded, gauged, cleaned, and hydrotested to verify pipeline integrity.All activities will be undertaken by a purpose built pipelay vessel and serviced by support vessels and helicopters as required. Non-invasive site surveys comprising of visual ROV, multibeam echo sounder (MBES) or side scan sonar (SSS) may be required.Activities covered under this Plan are anticipated to commence in the second half of 2018 and take approximately 6 months, excluding weather and operational delays. During this period any of the activities described in this Plan may be undertaken, with normal operations conducted 24-hours a day.Following de-watering of the pipeline, the subsea infrastructure will be suspended until operations commence (triggered by hydrocarbons flowing from the reservoir). This EP will remain in force throughout the suspension phase.

Other Details
Locations Gippsland
Commonwealth waters adjacent to VIC
Titles (or other instruments) VIC/L32
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