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BMG Project Non Production Phase

Activity type Any other petroleum-related activity
Activity subtypes
Lifecycle Classification Development
Submitted by Cooper Energy Limited
Submission date 27 February, 2017
Subtype Revision
Decision date 29 June, 2017
RMS ID 3908
Status Finalised
Outcome Accepted
Link to previously accepted EP 3050 - BMG Project Non Production Phase

Mr Iain MacDougall
General Manager Operations
Cooper Energy Limited
Level 8, 70 Franklin Street
Tel: +61 8 8100 4900

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Location map - Activity: BMG Project Non Production Phase (refer to description)

 The Basker-Manta-Gummy (BMG) field is located in water depths of approximately 135 m to 265 m in Petroleum Retention Lease VIC/RL13, approximately 55 km south of Cape Conran in East Gippsland, Victoria in the eastern waters of Bass Strait.
 The BMG offshore assets consist of:
•          Basker-2, Basker-3, Basker-4, Basker-5, Basker-6 (ST-1), Basker-7 and Manta 2A wells (& associated subsea equipment), which are shut-in;
•          The Basker-A Manifold (BAM) and various minor associated subsea equipment
•          Interconnecting flexible flowlines, service lines and control umbilicals between the BAM and individual wellheads;
•          Static sections of the Manta-2A production flowline and Basker production and re-injection flowlines;
•          Basker-6 production flowline from the Basker-6 wellhead to the BAM and its associated control umbilical; and
•          Control umbilicals running between the BAM  and Manta-2A.
 Note that all mooring equipment, mid-water and surface equipment associated with the Floating Production Storage and Offloading (FPSO) facility  was removed in 2010.
 The scope of this Environment Plan covers the Non-Production Phase of the offshore facilities for a period of up to 5 years. As the wells are shut-in, and the flowlines cleaned and filled with inhibited water, operational activities are limited to vessel operations including visual inspection, maintenance and repair activities to maintain the integrity of the assets.

Other Details
Locations Gippsland
Commonwealth waters adjacent to VIC
Titles (or other instruments) VIC/RL13
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