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Barossa Appraisal Drilling Campaign

Activity type Drilling
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Lifecycle Classification Appraisal
Submitted by ConocoPhillips Australia Exploration Pty Ltd
Submission date 10 August, 2016
Subtype New
Decision date 14 November, 2016
RMS ID 3643
Status Finalised
Outcome Accepted
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Dr Brenton Chatfield
ABU Senior Environmental Specialist
ConocoPhillips Australia Exploration Pty Ltd
53 Ord Street
Telephone: 08 9423 6666

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Location map - Activity: Barossa Appraisal Drilling Campaign (refer to description)

ConocoPhillips Australia Exploration Pty Ltd (ConocoPhillips), as the nominee titleholder, proposes to drill, evaluate, test and abandon hydrocarbon appraisal wells in petroleum retention lease area NT/RL5 (NT/RL5), to further define the hydrocarbon resources within the Barossa gas field. A total of up to three appraisal wells may be drilled. NT/RL5 is located in the Bonaparte Basin, solely in Commonwealth waters, approximately 300 kilometres (km) offshore of Darwin, Northern Territory (NT), and covers an area of approximately 847 Sq Kms. The size of the actual activity footprint associated with drilling the wells will be significantly smaller, i.e. < 1% of the total size of the NT/RL5. Water depths at the proposed wells range between approximately 120 m - 350 m.
The key activities of the drilling campaign are as follows:• Drilling of the upper well sections • Installation of blowout preventer (BOP) and marine riser• Drilling of the lower well sections• Well testing and evaluation (may comprise vertical seismic profiling)• Well abandonment
An operational area will be in place around the mobile offshore drilling unit (MODU) during drilling activities. The operational area is defined based on a circle with a 1,500 m radius around the MODU when located at the well centre. The operational area encompasses both the 500 m petroleum safety zone (PSZ) around the MODU and accommodates the installation of the anchor moorings and support vessel movements in the immediate vicinity of the MODU.
The drilling campaign could commence as early as 1 December 2016. It is anticipated that the drilling campaign would be completed within approximately 18 months, noting that the exact timing for completion is subject to weather conditions and operational efficiencies.
Drilling will be conducted by either a moored or dynamically positioned (DP) semi-submersible MODU, supported by at least three support vessels consisting of a combination of anchor-handling support vessels (moored MODU only) and platform support vessels.

Other Details
Locations Northern Territory
Commonwealth waters adjacent to Northern Territory
Titles (or other instruments) NT/RL5
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