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Greater Pina Colada Multiclient Marine Seismic Survey

Activity type Seismic survey
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Submitted by Dolphin Geophysical Ltd
Submission date 20 March, 2015
Subtype New
Decision date 24 June, 2015
RMS ID 3126
Status Finalised
Outcome Accepted
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Ian Edwards
Dolphin Geophysical
Brockbourne House
77 Mount Ephraim
Tunbridge Wells
Kent TN4 8GN
+44 (0) 1892 701 015

Location map (click to enlarge)
Location map - Activity: Greater Pina Colada Multiclient Marine Seismic Survey (refer to description)

The GPC MC MSS polygon lies entirely in Commonwealth waters within the Northwest Marine Region (NWMR). The polygon incorporates Exploration Permits WA-466-P, WA-479-P, WA-487-P and adjacent open acreage areas (Figure 1.1) and a very small portion of adjacent open acreage for the purposes of acquiring sufficient data to fully-image the prospects on the titles. The Greater Pina Colada (GPC) MC MSS will comprise acquisition of approximately 5,000 km2 of 3D seismic data.
The GPC MC MSS polygon (hereafter known as the GPC MC MSS) is approximately 4 km from Mermaid Reef Commonwealth Marine Reserve (see Figure 1.2) and ~33 km Rowley Shoals Marine Park and is at its closest point ~9 km from the 250 m contour of Mermaid Reef, at which point, maximum received SEL are well below those purported to have an impact on marine fauna, including site attached species.
The GPC MC MSS is located offshore from the Pilbara region between Onslow and Broome. The GPC MC MSS is located ~190 km from Coulomb Point on the mainland coast of WA, with the southern corner of the polygon located ~270 km from Port Hedland and the eastern boundary ~220 km west of Broome. The Mermaid Reef CMR is ~4 km from the boundary of the polygon. Water depths across the polygon range from ~160 - 440 m (see Figure 1.1) with the shallowest waters encountered to the south. Waters along the western boundary, closest to Mermaid Reef are minimum ~330 m.
This Environment Plan (EP) for the GPC MC MSS has the objective of covering MC3D over the specific petroleum titles and adjacent vacant acreage within the Roebuck Basin over a period of up to 6 months between July and December 2015. The survey will take ~2-3 months to complete.

Other Details
Locations North West
Commonwealth waters adjacent to Western Australia
Titles (or other instruments) SPA / AA Application Number B7CF27
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