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Activity - Laminaria-5 Reinstatement Project

Activity details
Organisation Timor Sea Oil & Gas Australia Pty Limited
Project Laminaria and Corallina Fields Development
Activity types Any other petroleum-related activity
In-force EP 4184
Submission date 14 September, 2017
Outcome Accepted
Acceptance date 18 December, 2017
Locations Ashmore Cartier
Start date Pending titleholder notification
Stop date Pending titleholder notification
Lifecycle Classification Development
Please note: activity start and stop dates are based on notifications provided by the titleholder.

Titleholder contact
Mark Andrew Robertson
Phone: +61 6 6266 8119

Activity Description

The key objective of this project is to bring the Laminaria-5 well back into production to extend the economic life of the Laminaria field. This is to be achieved by changing out the subsea tree (SST), the assembly of valves on top of the wellhead). An attempt was made in 2012 to replace the SST by the former titleholder, Woodside. At that time, due to a suspected Tubing Retrievable Subsea Safety Valve (TRSSV) failure and inability to recover the downhole tool, a 7.2 m long tool string and approximately 75 m of wire was cut and left down hole. Due to a suspected issue with the TRSSV flapper and the tooling required to repair the well not being available, Woodside decided to leave the well temporarily abandoned. The current program aims to restore flow to the well. The project is scheduled to be undertaken in 2018, ideally in the first quarter (Q1) of 2018, subject to MODU availability and other variables such as weather conditions. It is anticipated that the project will take up to 30 days to complete.

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Location map - Activity: Laminaria-5 Reinstatement Project (refer to description)

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