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Activity - Sea Eagle-1 and Tahbilk-1 Vessel Based Activity

Activity details
Organisation Jadestone Energy (Eagle) Pty Ltd
Activity types Any other petroleum-related activity
In-force EP 6755
Submission date 22 September, 2021
Outcome Accepted
Acceptance date 09 May, 2022
Locations Ashmore Cartier
Start date 23 February, 2023
Stop date Pending titleholder notification
Lifecycle Classification Development
Please note: activity start and stop dates are based on notifications provided by the titleholder.

Titleholder contact
Guy Hattersley
Phone: +61894866600

Activity Description
Jadestone Energy (Eagle) Pty Ltd (Jadestone Energy) plans to undertake monitoring of two temporarily abandoned wellheads, Sea Eagle-1 and Tahbilk-1, in the Montara field via vessel-based activities. Sea Eagle-1 was drilled and subsequently suspended in 2008, and Tahbilk-1 in 1990.

To date annual ROV Surveillance has been used to check integrity of the wells. In the future, a remote monitoring system will also be installed.

Sea Eagle-1 is within Production Licence AC/L8 and Tahbilk-1 is within production Licence AC/L7 within the Montara field which lies approximately 690 km (373 nautical miles) east of Darwin in a water depth of approximately 80 m in Commonwealth waters of the Timor Sea.

The EP validity period for the vessel-based activities, is 5 years from EP acceptance.
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Location map - Activity: Sea Eagle-1 and Tahbilk-1 Vessel Based Activity  (refer to description)

Accepted EP Documents

EP Document A837905 (18.8 MB)
OPEP Document A816660 (4.31 MB)

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