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Activity - Roc-2 Exploration & Appraisal Drilling

Activity details
Organisation Santos WA Northwest Pty Ltd
Activity types Drilling
In-force EP 3511
Submission date 24 March, 2016
Outcome Accepted
Acceptance date 26 May, 2016
Locations North West
Start date 19 June, 2016
Stop date 28 October, 2016
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Titleholder contact

Libby Howitt
Chief Environment Advisor
Quadrant Northwest Pty Ltd
Level 9, 100 St Georges Terrace
Perth WA 6000
+61 8 6218 7100
Fax: +61 8 6218 7200

Activity Description

Quadrant Northwest plan to further develop the oil reserves of the Bedout Basin region in Commonwealth waters within permit area WA-437-P through drilling an exploration and appraisal well, Roc-2. This EP covers drilling, evaluating, well testing, and abandonment activities related to exploration and appraisal drilling. The drilling rig will be located within permit area WA-437-P located within Commonwealth waters of the Bedout Sub-basin in the NW Shelf region of Western Australia. The Operational Area is approximately 80 km from the nearest shoreline (Bedout Island), 120 km north from the closest mainland point (Larrey Point), 157 km from Port Hedland, 290 km from Karratha and 363 km from Broome. The time required to drill the well is expected to be approximately 100 days. 

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Location map - Activity: Roc-2 Exploration & Appraisal Drilling  (refer to description)

EP Documents

EP Document A680620 (2.69 MB)
Decision notifications A486077 (152 KB)

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